To minister to the whole man, bringing individuals to Christ-like maturity, equipping them for their ministry of excellence in the church and the world in order to magnify the name of the Lord.


It is the mandate of New Life to be a multi-cultural ministry that encourages a diverse group of people to commit themselves to learning the Living Word of God in such a way that a Christ-like nature is produced in them.

To give each other space to grow and become equipped in our God given calling by encouraging one another to use our gifts actively in ministry and the marketplace for the Excellency of Gods glory.

To nurture and encourage strong family relationships that are securely built on the rock of God's Word.

To be a ministry that operates debt free and teaches its parishioners how to live debt free. As our Father blesses us, we bless others. Debt has no dominion over us; our money is flowing to the Kingdom.

To allow our lifestyle of holiness to lead us into an atmosphere of praise and worship, which releases the power of God to lift burdens and destroy yokes every time our doors are opened.

For every member to bring their tithe into the storehouse, because it belongs to God. In accordance with His Word, He is opening the windows of Heaven and rebuking the devourer for our sakes. We rejoice in the ability He has given us to obtain wealth.

To build a center of excellence out of which will flow recreation for families, Godly schooling and businesses.

This is our mandate and we decree that we all speak the same thing. The vision shall speak and not lie!