Relationship: a continuing attachment of connection.

  1. A Relationship with God the Father: John 1:18amp.
  2. A Relationship with Your Family: "Families are like quilts pieced with memories bound with love." author unknown
  3. A Relationship with Your Friends: "Friends are quiet angels who sit on our shoulders and lift our wings when we forget how to fly." author unknown

3 Principles for Maintaining Each Relationship

  1. You Must Listen!
    Listen: to make a conscious effort to hear; to attend to closely as to hear.
    Revelation 2:7
    1 John 5:14amp.

  2. You Must Laugh!
    Laugh: to feel or suggest joy
    Ecclesiastes 3:4
    Proverbs 17:22

  3. You Must Love!
    Love: selfless, sacrificial service for another.
    Mark 12:30-31
    1 John 4:1