Why should I become a member of New Life?

  • To be spiritually covered by a Pastor who lives and explains the Bible in a way that you can use it in daily life
  • To attend a church where you inherit a spiritual family that you can count on
  • To share your gifts and talents where a servant's heart is the norm
  • To add your individual efforts to collective efforts for the community
  • To obtain much needed accountability to live a life that is pleasing to God

How do I become a member of New Life?

  • Visit during several services: Sunday school, and Worship Service, Take a Tour
  • Study us! Pray and ask God for direction
  • On decision day come forward when the appeal is made to join New Life
  • A minister will greet you and guide you prayerfully in this decision
  • You will be asked to publicly agree to represent God, yourself, and New Life with excellence everywhere that you go. Honor God with 10% of your income. Become active in ministry and serve with your gifts and talents.

And then what?

  • Expect lots of hugs, handshakes, and smiling faces as a warm welcome from your New Life church family!
  • Plan to attend a welcome session immediately following service to include a tour, have your photo taken, and to complete new member registration.
  • Plug in and join the discipleship journey!