New Life of Excellence
New Life of Excellence

Excellence in Resources

Excellence in Resources

"Dost thou love life, then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." Ben Franklin

Resources: something that lies ready for use or that can be drawn upon for aid or take care of a need.

  • Matthew 9: 35-38

3 Resources That We Must Pursue Daily

Talent: any natural ability or power to do.
  - Deut. 8: 17, 18 amp.

"Talent is God given, be humble. Fame is man given be grateful. Conceit is self given, be careful." John Wooden

Treasure: accumulated or stored wealth, that which is greatly valued.
  - Malachi 3:8-10amp.

"God, as truth has been for me a treasure beyond price; may He be so to every one of us." Mohandas lkGandhi

Time: the period between two events or during which something exists; happens or acts either past, present, or future.
  - Psalm 31:15-16

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