Our church website has a unique feature called Congregation Celebrations. This page is a place for our church family to celebrate members of all ages who have achieved exceptional educational or professional recognition. "Congratulations New Lifer's for making a mark of excellence in the marketplace!"

To share a recognition please submit a photo along with details of the celebration to

Sister Detria Greene

How long have you been a member of NL?
I began visiting New Life when the Church was having service on Ethel Road in Spartanburg, SC in 2004 or earlier while living in Asheville, and was blessed by the word and fellowship each time. I joined New Life on January 9, 2006 my birthday, and actually moved to Inman, SC in March, 2006. As of January 2018 I am proud to say that I am an active, and blessed member for ‘12’ years!

What does it mean to you to be named LOY for NL?
I consider being named the “Leader of the Year” an honor, and I am so humbled to carry the distinguished title. I am extremely aware that the membership of New Life is filled with highly skilled, and willing individuals that are leaders of different ministries who are qualified, and deserving to carry the title. It blesses me that the Divine Design Ministry is appreciated and chosen.

What are the characteristics of an excellent leader?

  • One of the main characteristics of an excellent leader is to remember that “You are not the whole cheese, just a hole in the cheese.” A quote from our very own Pastor James White, Jr.
  • Constant prayer for the ministry and the team.
  • Be willing to assist and adjust to change.
  • Make the best out of what you have.
  • Have passion for what you are called to lead, and
  • Be willing to listen, with love and respect for the team.
  • Make the necessary time and adjustment to complete the vision.

When the going gets tough, how do you continue to serve in ministry?
It is with an attitude of gratitude that I maintain for being available to serve in a ministry where I have the most passion, and gift. It is awesome to have a pastor and first lady who makes themselves available to assist with any challenges and concerns that may arise, and to work with them and their visions for visual effectiveness. To know that I am trusted to represent the New Life Church and the visual atmosphere inspires me to stay the course. With the prayers and support of a dedicated team we press through the challenges and stay unified.It is always inspiring when the members compliment and appreciate the work of the ministry.

Little Miss Adrianna Goss

How long have you been a member?
10 years

What does it mean to you to be named YLOY for NL?
It means that I am very capable of accomplishing my goals in life and getting nominated and chosen boosted my confidence. It means a lot that my church family is watching and finds me worthy of receiving this award.

What are the characteristics of an excellent leader? Caring, smart, loving, giving, and accepting, available, agreeable

When the going gets tough, how do you continue to serve in ministry?
Going to church and praising the Lord. I think about what it means to help and serve and I enjoy helping and serving.